Do Make

Do – Make

I do my homework everyday, but I make my bed in the mornings too. In these sentences, we can see the difference in the use of these well – known words, so we have to use them correctly to express our ideas. Perhaps, most of the people make mistakes when they try to use them […]

High Tall

High – Tall

When we learn a new language, we feel confused when we use some words that have a similar meaning, therefore when we talk about a person is common to use the word “tall”, but when we talk about buildings or trees we must use “high”. So, to avoid misunderstanding in this picture you can see […]

Floor Ground Land

Floor – Ground – Land

Most of the times, we have some difficulties when we try to use these words ( Floor, Ground, Land), so it is necessary to distinguish their right meaning in different contexts. For that reason, we created this picture with these three words that are commonly used in an inappropriate way.  

Look Watch See

Look – Watch – See

It is difficult to distinguish the difference of these verbs when we use them in expressions and statements, but as you can see there are clear differences in their use. So, try to use this words properly when you communicate your message.

Regular verbs

Regular Verbs

In this picture, you can see different verbs, these verbs are regular ones and they are very important if you want to use the tenses in english language. we selected the most common verbs that we use in our daily routines e.g. clean, study, cook, walk, work, play, wash, etc. Remenber to take into account […]


Numbers 20 – 1000

Numbers are very important for us, if we want to buy something, we need to use the numbers to count different quantities, if you want to say your age it´s necessary to use the numbers, so It´s really important to know this vocabulary to express different expressions and ideas in different communicative contexts.


Numbers 0 – 10

To know the basic numbers is very important for us, we can use them in many communicative situations, when we want to count different objects or when we want to describe a landscape or city we need to use them, so try to learn these numbers considering the right pronunciation. Remember the differences in this words: […]



To have a healthy life is very important nowadays. Therefore, in this picture you can see the most common vegetables that must be part of our daily food. We know that we must eat vegetables daily and do exercise regularly. Here in this picture, you can see the most important vegetables and their right pronunciation.



Everybody likes traveling, if you are on vacations you are going to use different means of transportation to travel confortably, if you work for a company you need to go from home to work, so it is necessary to know this vocabulary to express your ideas or necessities in a right way. In this picture, […]



This vocabulary is quite important because you can use it to talk about the weather and the different conditions that are common in our environment, if you want to travel or go to a new city it´s important to know the weather according to the season because in this way you can avoid different problems […]

Parts of the house

Parts of the house

In this picture you can identify the different parts of the house, this basic vocabulary is important to express characteristics of the place where you live, remember to use the right pronunciation of these words, for that reaason we added the phonetic transcription to avoid misunderstanding and problems at the moment of using them in […]

Parts of the body

Parts of the body

I remember when I went to the doctor and I couldn´t tell him the problem I had because I forgot to say a part of the body in a right way, but this is just a short story. Nowadays, it´s important to know this vocabulary to identify our body and communicate if we have a […]



This picture is important to identify the most common fruits, We know that fruit are healthy and necessary, we can use  fruit to prepare juices or salads, they are really delicious, if you practice some sports, fruit are part of your life. In this picture, you can see the most important fruit like: Orange, pear, […]

The family

The Family

There are different kinds of families, some faamilies are really big and other ones are short. In this picture, you can see a basic family with the most common members, some people consider the pet as part of the family but in this picture unfortunately we do not consider it, we are just kidding. So, […]



Can you imagine a life without colors? It´s impossible, colors give us happiness to our lives, so here you can see the most common colors that are averywhere. If you see a landscape, or a great movie, you can feel different emotions because of what colors express. so, enjoy them and use this vocabulary everyday […]

Wild animals

Wild Animals

As part of our daily life, we have different pets, but we know that there are many wild animals in different parts of the world. They are great, powerful and dangerous too. We can see them in their natural environment if we travel to Africa or a region free of human beings. So, learn this […]

Classroom objects

Classroom Objects

This is a list of the basic vocabulary about Classroom Objects, many students who are beginners need these words in order to communicate basic expressions and sentences about their daily activities. Moreover, if you want to learn english language you have to start using basic vocabulary and everyday expressions.

Parts of the computer

Parts of the computer

Technology is part of our lives nowadays, we use computers everywhere, if we want to send an e-mail or surf the net we have to use a computer. So, in this picture you can see the most important parts, in the screen you can watch everything, with a keyborard you can express you ideas, emotions, […]

Irregular verbs

Irregular Verbs

Some people say that Irregular verbs are difficult to learn, but these verbs are not so difficult to remember, you need to use them in different tenses, expressions, sentences etc. and you are not going to have any problems. If you surf the net, you can see that there are many lists of these verbs […]

Jobs and occupations

Jobs and Occupations

We do different activities, some people like music so they become artists or musicians, some people like being more formal and serious, so they become lawyers or journalists. We do what we like and therefore there are so many alternatives to work in different areas. In this picture, you can see the most important jobs […]