Control Check Supervise

Control – Check – Supervise

Most of the times, we find out words that have different uses, if you are a teacher you know that it is important to express accuracy in our expressions. These words are commonly used in a wrong way, therefore, we created this picture to help you to distinguish their right use.

Stay Spend Pass

Stay – Spend – Pass

You can spend your days doing different activities and you can pass your time reading different novels, so, it is important to know the difference of these words to avoid misunderstandings. Remember that these words are very important to express our message in a right way if we do not use them in a good […]

Reach Arrive Get

Reach – Arrive – Get

I remember when I traveled to another country and I had a friend who had problems with these words (Reach, Arrive, Get). Most of the times he used to use arrive instead of reach, so the conversation had some gaps and some incomprehensible phrases that were very uncomfortable. Taking into account this, we created this […]

Listen listen to hear

Listen – Listen to – Hear

Listen, listen to and hear are common words that we use typically every day, but many people do not know how to use them and they make many mistakes when they use these words in different texts so to establish clear differences we have this picture to show the main differences in everyday expressions.

Food Dish Meal

Food – Dish – Meal

Considering these words, we can say that many people make mistakes when they use them, so these words (food, dish, meal) can be used in different situations to express specific ideas. Now you are able to use them in a right way. Most of the times, when we eat something or go to a restaurant […]

Travel Journey Trip

Travel – Journey – Trip

This vocabulary is really important, so if you like traveling or visiting many places you must notice the difference to avoid misunderstandings and use the right word in the correct moment, therefore, as we can see there are clear differences in the use of these words.

Do Make

Do – Make

I do my homework everyday, but I make my bed in the mornings too. In these sentences, we can see the difference in the use of these well – known words, so we have to use them correctly to express our ideas. Perhaps, most of the people make mistakes when they try to use them […]

High Tall

High – Tall

When we learn a new language, we feel confused when we use some words that have a similar meaning, therefore when we talk about a person is common to use the word “tall”, but when we talk about buildings or trees we must use “high”. So, to avoid misunderstanding in this picture you can see […]

Floor Ground Land

Floor – Ground – Land

Most of the times, we have some difficulties when we try to use these words ( Floor, Ground, Land), so it is necessary to distinguish their right meaning in different contexts. For that reason, we created this picture with these three words that are commonly used in an inappropriate way.  

Look Watch See

Look – Watch – See

It is difficult to distinguish the difference of these verbs when we use them in expressions and statements, but as you can see there are clear differences in their use. So, try to use this words properly when you communicate your message.